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Choose the appropriate medical paper and plastic bags

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  Purpose Select the appropriate medical paper-plastic bags,cotton cloth instead of medical packages.Extend the aseptic package storage time and reduce costs.

  Methods The experiment used the medical package of paper-plastic packaging materials to study the effect of sterilization and clinical application.

  Results First aid kit should be used in 70 g/m2 Zhisu packaging;packaging height below 3 cm optional equipment package plane

  Packaging,packaging height in more than 3 cm,choose three-dimensional Zhisu packaging.At the same time,we should pay attention to the reasonable loading and unloading equipment kit,try to reduce the weight,the best weight does not exceed 1.3 kg.Paper aseptic package,preservation time was significantly better than the cotton package,significantly reduced the number of complex elimination,clinical evaluation of the use of convenient and easy to manage.

  Conclusion Paper and plastic packaging for medical clinics is effective and can be packaged to include more equipment,such as tracheostomy bag,to extend the service life of less commonly used emergency medical equipment,improve the quality.At the same time improve work efficiency and management costs,it is worth promoting.

  Conventional medical paper-plastic bags are often used in gauze,a single instrument and other lighter medical packaging.In clinical work,in order to ensure the timely rescuing of patients in place,must have some first-aid sterile package.Some treatment kits,such as tracheostomy kits relatively more equipment,often using plain cotton or crepe paper packaging.As a result of less use,the conventional cotton cloth storage cycle is short 7~14 days,repeated disinfection and wear more,in order to reduce wear and tear,since January 2009 to explore the use of a long period of validity,the best bio-barrier paper and plastic packaging,six months after the test,First-aid clinical diagnosis and treatment package,a comprehensive switch to Zhisu packaging.After more than three years of clinical testing,the results are satisfactory.The report is as follows.

  1 materials and methods

  1.1 Materials and Equipment Various specifications FUHAO high pressure steam/ethylene oxide paper and plastic packaging bags,3M multi-function film sealing machine,SHINVA XHPC-6.00 pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.

  1.2 method

  1.2.1 Packaging Method According to clinical treatment package requirements,take the correct packaging methods,will be properly handled by the regeneration of equipment and blades,dressings and other items to organize,into the chemical indicator card,and all the items with a one-time Cloth towel(50 cm×70 cm)is packaged and fixed,and then placed in a suitable paper and plastic packaging bag,the best sealing temperature 195~198℃.

  1.2.2 Test Method Disinfection sterilization should be performed according to the professional norms and regulations of disinfection supply room and the requirements of zero risk management respectively.The initial test of 5 consecutive varieties of 100 sterilization paper and plastic diagnosis and treatment package,each 10 packages.Among them,60 are 60 g/m2 flat paper-plastic packaging 30,three-dimensional packaging 20 treatment packs;70 g/m2 flat paper and plastic packaging 30 treatment packs,three-dimensional packaging 20 packs of broken cases,find out the reasons and gain experience.Regular monthly random sampling 2 packets of samples,6 consecutive months of sterile test first aid treatment package without bacterial growth clinical full application.

  2 results

  2.1 should be the correct choice of Zhisu packaging Zhisu package is a multi-layer plastic film composed of transparent plastic film and 60 g/m2 or 70 g/m2 of medical paper heat sealing.Due to the relative weight and volume of the medical device package,60 g/m2 of the plastic package in the test is easy to break during the vacuuming stage.The larger and heavier tracheostomy package is completely broken,Not at the seal.The control group 70 g/m2 of plastic packaging only a broken package,indicating that 60 g/m2 carrying capacity of less than 70 g/m2 in the plastic packaging,should use 70 g/m2 Zhisu bags;when the packaging height of 3 cm The following,the instrument package can choose flat packaging,packaging height of 3 cm or more,the choice of three-dimensional plastic packaging.Weight less than 1.3 kg.

  2.2 with non-woven towel treatment towel instead of tissue therapy fixed packing advantages prevent the device rolling or punctured Zhisu packaging;reduce the package height and weight;facilitate the clinical use of the formation of aseptic zone.

  2.3 regular sampling results no bacterial growth Aseptic paper baled preservation time was significantly better than the cotton package,the number of complex elimination significantly reduced the clinical evaluation of easy to use,easy to manage.

  2.4 indirectly reduce the consumption of manpower and material resources,but also reduce the indirect costs of medical Supply of paper and disposable non-woven fabric packaging than cotton packaging material has obvious cost advantages.

  3 Discussion

  Paper and plastic packaging for conventional emergency treatment package works well,extending the service life of less commonly used medical equipment,while improving work efficiency and reduce management costs worth promoting.
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