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2022-12-03Specification and usage of disposable medical sterilization bag

The medical sterilization bag is a medical device approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The…[More]

2022-12-03Materials and application methods of disinfection and sterilization packaging

Paper or plastic "has a new meaning when it is related to the disinfection of instruments in …[More]

2022-12-03Analysis of medical sterilization packaging bag

Disinfection and sterilization packaging can be divided into two parts: primary packaging and auxil…[More]

2022-12-03How to select medical sterilization bags

Some important considerations when purchasing medical sterilization bags: Try to buy items in the s…[More]

2022-12-03Benefits of using sterilizing bags

Previously, special instruments and consumables were wrapped in green towels and fixed with adhesiv…[More]

2022-12-03Correctly identify the discoloration of the chemical indicator card

After a correct sterilization process, the instruments in the sterilization room should be sterile,…[More]

2022-12-03What is the manufacturing process flow of medical sterilization packaging bags?

What is the manufacturing process flow of medical sterilization packaging bags?…[More]

2022-12-03Common problems and countermeasures in the production of medical sterilized paper plastic packaging bags

The medical sterilization paper plastic packaging bag is a disposable medical sterilization packagi…[More]

2022-12-03Analysis of the causes of the damage of paper plastic packaging bags in clinical application

The disinfection supply center undertakes the important task of supplying sterile articles and disp…[More]

2022-12-03Selection of medical packaging materials

Medical packaging materials can be divided into two categories: reusable packaging materials and di…[More]

2022-12-03Reusable packaging materials and disposable packaging materials

In the field of disinfection and sterilization, packaging materials shall meet the following requir…[More]

2022-12-03Select appropriate medical paper plastic packaging bag

Objective To select suitable medical paper plastic packaging bags to replace medical diagnosis and…[More]

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