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The disinfection supply center undertakes the important task of supplying sterile articles and disposable sterile articles in the hospital. The quality of sterile articles is closely related to the quality of medical care. In order to further standardize the implementation of the standard, improve work efficiency, reduce medical costs, and reduce the consumption of human and material resources, the hospital implements paper plastic packaging bags for infrequent diagnosis and treatment bags, so that the items are kept in standby for a long time. However, in the process of use, it was found that the paper plastic packaging bag was damaged. Thus, the sterility of sterile articles is destroyed, which will directly affect the medical quality and cause adverse consequences. Therefore, the damaged paper plastic packaging will be investigated and analyzed. The causes are as follows:

Plastic surface damage

The main reason is that sharp instruments in the bag are not protected, or the protective cap falls off, causing sharp objects to poke out and damage the packaging bag.

It is caused by scratch of external objects

Paper damage

1. The main reason is that sharp instruments are not protected or the protective cap falls off, causing sharp objects to poke out and damage the packaging bag.

2. It is caused by scratch of external objects.

3. It is caused by moist paper surface when the staff's hands are wet during inspection or when cleaning and disinfecting the instrument cabinet.

4. Improper operation by the operator, such as picking up a corner or the contents are too heavy, causing damage to the paper surface, resulting in the breakage of the packaging bag.

The paper plastic adhesive is cracked

Improper temperature of sealing machine: the temperature is too low, which makes the packaging surface and paper surface cannot be tightly bonded; Too high temperature can cause the plastic surface to melt. During sterilization, the sealing is easy to crack due to vacuum pumping.

When sealing, there are folds at the adhesive part, which is easy to crack if the adhesive is not firm.

Improper selection of paper plastic container bags: the specification of paper plastic packaging bags and the selection of rules for medical equipment packages are not standardized. If the packaging space is too small, the tension inside the package will be stretched out when it exceeds the pressure resistance limit of the plastic packaging at the seal. Otherwise, excessive space will easily cause the "shaking" of the contents, which will lead to the breakage of the packaging bag.

The adhesive part of the paper plastic packaging bag is cracked when the diagnosis and treatment equipment is overweight and the operator operates improperly.


1. Correct use of the sealing machine: the temperature shall be controlled between 220-260 degrees when sealing. The air in the bag shall be removed first to reduce the pressure in the bag when sealing the plastic. The overweight and oversized objects shall be supported to align the edges when sealing the plastic, and repeated heat sealing shall be avoided as soon as possible. If there are wrinkles at the sealing, replace the packaging bag and reseal it.

2. Selection of packaging bags with appropriate specifications: When using paper plastic packaging bags, select the packaging bags with appropriate specifications according to the size of the articles. A space of 15-30mm should be left at the top, bottom, left and right. The width of the sealing heat seal should not be less than 6mm. If the sealing is not wide enough at one time, it can be sealed again.

3. Properly place the items in the bag

As the paper plastic packaging material is of low toughness and easy to be punctured by hard objects and sharp objects, the protective sleeve of the instrument should be used correctly. If the diagnostic and therapeutic instruments are too heavy, they can be wrapped with non-woven cloth first and then sealed with paper plastic packaging bags.

4. Properly place the packaged items:

During sterilization, place the paper plastic bag on the top of the sterilizer. To avoid damage to the paper plastic bag, it is better to lay a layer of cotton cloth on the sterilizer grid frame, and place the sealed paper plastic bag on the cotton cloth. The paper layer and the plastic layer are placed vertically at intervals, leaving a certain gap between packages.

5. Take and place sterile articles correctly

Put the paper plastic packaging bag in a clean and dry instrument cabinet. Do not move it frequently to prevent damage to the package. Handle it gently during inspection. Do not use the method of grasping. Especially for heavy items, put the paper plastic packaging bag firmly on your hand, on a clean, dry and flat table surface, and check whether the upper and lower surfaces are damaged and whether there are cracks in the adhesive.

In a word, the above measures have greatly reduced the probability of paper and plastic packaging damage, facilitated clinical use, met clinical needs, greatly reduced costs, and reduced the workload of nurses. Paper and plastic packaging is worthy of promotion and application.



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