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Reuse packaging materials and disposable packaging materials

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  In the field of disinfection and sterilization,packaging materials should meet the following requirements:

  1.The sterilant of choice must be allowed to penetrate effectively and be compatible with other processes of the chosen sterilization process,such as drying;

  2.Aseptic packages to ensure that the contents of the sterile items before opening;

  3.To facilitate the user to open aseptic package sterile operation,can not contaminate the contents;

  4.Aseptic packages of items must be sterile in use.

  Medical packaging materials can be divided into reusable packaging materials and disposable packaging materials.

  Reuse packaging materials including cotton,hard containers:

  Cotton is the hospital long-term use of packaging materials,its softness,good compliance,reusable,high tensile strength,easy to use.However,its microbial barrier function is poor,the low rate of sterilization,sterile effective period of only 14 days;generated cotton,iatrogenic infection is an important reason;and use the need to record the number of use,the actual use of the process is difficult to do To

  Hard containers are usually made of aluminum alloy,stainless steel,etc.,with removable sealable container caps.It provides an excellent microbial barrier,fire retardant fluid,and protects the instrument from the risk of damage during storage and shipping.Hard containers heavier,improper handling can cause ergonomic damage;higher initial cost of purchase,and high cleaning process requirements.

  Disposable packaging materials,including non-woven,crepe paper,plastic bags/polyolefin plastic bags:

  Nonwovens are made from oriented or random fibers through high temperature pressing techniques.Aperture is very small,constitutes a good microbial barrier,the high rate of sterilization and the validity of up to 6 months;allow air emissions and water vapor and other sterilization factor penetration;does not produce flocculation,good hydrophobicity,good hanging,high strength.

  Medical wrinkle paper microbial barrier performance better than cotton,can be used directly as packaging materials or rigid containers for the packaging material;low-fiber floc,lower cost.However,the package compliance performance,poor puncture resistance,packaging should not be too tight or too loose;moisture resistance and flammable.

  Plastic bags/plastic bags and other plastic packaging materials suitable for small pieces and lighter weight sterilization items,microbial barrier function is good,through the transparent plastic surface directly to see the items within the sterilization package.Plastic bags can not be used for dry heat sterilization and plasma sterilization,polyolefin plastic bags for plasma sterilization,but can not withstand high temperature and pressure.

  WS310.2-2009 provides sterilization packaging materials should meet the requirements of GB/T19633.Open storage tanks should not be used for sterilization items.Textile packaging materials should be a cleaning,no stains,no damage to the light inspection.Hard container use and operation,should follow the manufacturer's instructions or instruction manual.The cleaning and disinfection should be consistent with this standard equipment cleaning and disinfection process.
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