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Medical packaging materials should have a good sterile barrier function

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  Medical packaging materials should have a good sterile barrier to maintain the sterility of the device.According to the actual needs of clinical departments,under the premise of ensuring the quality of sterilization,medical equipment to be sterilized choose the appropriate packaging materials.All kinds of packaging materials have advantages and disadvantages,according to the use of medical devices,turnover,learn from each other,reasonable application,not only can reduce medical costs,but also improve work efficiency and reduce the occurrence of nosocomial infections.

  1,materials and methods 1.1 packaging materials

  1.1.1 cotton reusable double-washed cotton,moisture-resistant instability,poor resistance to sterilization,sterilization is valid for 7 to 14 days.Should be a cleaning,no stains,cold light lamp table must be checked before use without damage.

  1.1.2 medical crepe paper arranged in disorder by the wood pulp fibers to form a unique barrier,has a certain ability to resist water.The results of bacterial permeation filtration on crepe paper show that the filtration rate of crepe paper is 98.2.Sterilization effective up to 6 months,there must be a certain degree of softness,strong will form a crease,resulting in bacterial passage.

  1.1I 3 Paper bag is made of flat dialysis paper and composite plastic film.It has high bacteriostasis,high heat resistance and good transparency.It can be cut according to its length and is easy to operate at a glance.It is valid for 6 months.

  1.1.4 medical packaging Non-woven for wet heat sterilization,low temperature plasma sterilization,static best antibacterial,high strength,strong load-bearing capacity,sterilization is valid for 6 months.

  1.2 packaging methods

  1.2.1 Rapid turnover of medical supplies,washed double cotton cloth.Suitable for a variety of larger equipment package,the use of high catheterization package,suture removal package,etc.,according to the closed package for 2 packaging,tape length and sterilization package size,weight appropriate,3M tape double bar Packet way.

  1.2.2 slower turnover of the need for a longer period of sterilization of medical supplies,the use of medical packaging non-woven,suitable for a variety of larger surgical instruments heavier dressing bags,etc.,according to closed packaging 2 packaging,more Bulk 3M tape using well-shaped or cross-shaped package.

  1.2.3 low utilization or specialist medical supplies,the use of double medical crepe paper,such as tracheostomy bag.Kidney ostomy bag,etc.,in order to ensure the integrity of the package,cut the tissue inside the package and other sharp instruments,the shaft section opened with a double-edged wound wrapped with gauze,then medical wrinkle paper according to closed packaging 2 packaging,3M tape double Strip packing fixed.

  1.2.4 gauze,opener,ophthalmic instruments and other precision small devices need to be packaged or individually packaged medical supplies for paper and plastic bags,sharp instruments protector protection,sealed packaging sealing machine sealing area width should be≥150px,Packaging equipment should be from the sealing bag≥2.125px.After the heat seal should be observed packaging sealing is smooth,tightness and continuity of compression,3M pressure steam sterilization instructions attached to the plastic surface.A variety of packaging logo should have traceability.

  2,sterilization and management required sterilization items loaded,to ensure the steam penetration.Cotton cloth bag,Yuan Fang cloth bag should be placed in the upper sterilization layer,the edge of the vertical display.Crepe paper,plastic bag packaging should be placed on top of sterility shelves,which will help the steam to enter and cool air discharge,paper and plastic bags should pay attention to the surface of the plastic surface.Correct unloading after sterilization,sterilization quality confirmation Sterilization package stored in the sterile room,hand management,in order of payment.

  3,monitoring the weekly random checks cloth packaging,non-woven and plastic bags,wrinkle paper packaging sterilization items,cotton packaging 1 week biological monitoring of qualified,medical non-woven,medical crepe paper,paper bag packaging 1,2,3,4,5,6 months of biological monitoring are qualified.

  Cotton cloth is widely used in clinical,recyclable,low consumables,the relative cost savings,wear-resistant thorn,the best mechanical strength,but poor resistance to sterilization,sterilization is short.Medical non-woven packaging,good bacteriostasis,sterilization is valid for a long time,the material is soft,has a certain degree of toughness,load-bearing performance,but the higher the price.Medical crepe paper packaging,strong bacteriostasis,sterilization period is long,beautiful packaging,reducing the consumption of repeated sterilization and equipment loss,saving manpower,but the packaging is fragile,should be gently.Paper bag packaging,can simplify the operating strength,good visibility,strong antibacterial sterilization,sterilization is valid for a long time,access to convenient and accurate,effectively prevent cross-infection,especially for dental,ophthalmic single piece treatment equipment packaging,But can not be used for packaging surgical instruments.The combination of various medical packaging materials,complementary advantages,so that hospital infection management tend to be more scientific,standardized,and safe and economical,reducing the cost of disinfection,practicality,and made a good clinical departments evaluation.
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