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Medical paper and plastic bags both breathable and transparent visual

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  The main role of aseptic packaging materials is to allow the passage of air and sterilizing media(such as steam),as well as to provide a biological barrier to the sterility,thereby ensuring that the sterilized items remain in place for a certain period of time during transfer and storage Sterile state.Sterile supplies packaging materials used in China's disinfection supply center include:cotton,crepe paper,paper and plastic packaging bags,non-woven fabrics and rigid container box.

  The selection of aseptic packaging materials,the hospital supply room or disinfection supply center is mainly based on its ease of use,sterile shelf life and price screening.

  Medical Zhisu bags

  Medical paper and plastic packaging bag is made of a layer of special paper and a layer of PET-PP plastic composite film by heat treatment,it is both breathable and transparent visible.Transparent plastic film with sterilization instructions on one side,can indicate whether after sterilization.Medical paper and plastic bags in the use of the need to go through a special sealing machine at both ends of the seal,the disadvantage is the single-sided ventilation,and some items(metal instruments,surgical lamp shade)in the sterilization easy to produce condensed water to be verified Can use.The general sterile packaging of medical paper and plastic packaging bags sterile effective shelf life of 6 months,the specific time to protect the sterility,please use the manufacturer's statement shall prevail.

  The method of loading medical paper-plastic packaging bags is to place the paper-plastic vertical sub-gaps because the relative paper-plastic vertical sub-gaps are placed with the paper-to-paper vertical sub-gaps with a slightly higher wet packing ratio,Place or paper on the plastic stack placed prone to wet sterilization and other sterilization failure phenomenon.

  Medical non-woven packaging materials

  The main material of medical non-woven packaging material is polypropylene,which has the structural characteristics that fiber interspaces are small and randomly arranged,thus significantly reducing the possibility of microbial or dust particles being transferred.

  Medical non-woven packaging material is disposable,can not be reused.In the choice of non-woven fabrics should be considered in the performance of non-woven sterilization,tensile strength and breathability.Compared with traditional cotton,medical non-woven fabrics have different characteristics:aseptic packages can be stored longer(usually double-layer non-woven fabric for 6 months);disposable supplies,will not produce cotton dust and thus cause air pollution;Have a good balance of breathable and anti-bacterial;medical non-woven for pressure steam sterilization,EO sterilization,but with non-woven fiber plant fiber is not suitable for low-temperature plasma sterilization
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