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Choice of medical packaging materials

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  Medical packaging materials can be divided into two categories:duplicate packaging materials and disposable packaging materials.

  Packaging begins with the selection of suitable packaging materials and packaging methods.In addition to packaging methods and sterilization methods,but also take into account the sterilization items.In this regard,people have conducted a lot of research,and the market can see a variety of medical packaging materials.

  Understanding sterilization methods and packaging requirements can help disinfection supply center personnel make the right decisions when choosing packaging materials.It is often the case for disinfection supply centers that a variety of packaging materials are already used in the workplace.However,it is precisely because there is no one packaging material suitable for all sterilization methods,so when it comes to the specific use of a selective process.

  Only specially designed for sterilization,and through the FDA approved packaging materials can be used.In addition,for a variety of specific sterilization methods,there are some basic requirements below:

  Pressure steam sterilization

  Medical packaging materials must be able to withstand the high temperature of 121℃-135℃,air discharge,water vapor penetration and packaging materials and the contents of the dry;

  Ethylene oxide sterilization

  Medical packaging materials must allow the permeation and discharge of ethylene oxide gas(ventilation process);

  Dry heat sterilization

  Medical packaging materials must withstand the high temperature of 160℃-204℃in 2-3 hours,does not occur melting,burning or other reactions;

  Plasma sterilization

  Medical packaging materials must withstand extreme vacuum,do not absorb sterilant,does not affect the sterilization cycle,and treat the items to be sterilized without damage.

  In addition to choosing the right packaging material,staff at a sterilization supply center should also understand how to properly use the packaging materials described above for the purpose of sterilizing the packaging material,sterilizing the barrier,and aseptic opening.

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